Natural & Herbal Wet Cough Syrup - Bronchicum

100% YOU. Completely NATURAL*

A safe & natural cough remedy for those who prefer natural living.

*Natural Active Ingredients

Bronchicum® lets you live your life naturally[36]

Relaxes cough spasms

Bronchicum® relaxes your bronchial muscles, thus relieving you from cough.[²]

Protects against bacteria build up

Bronchicum® helps fight off the harmful bacteria that causes you to cough.[²]

Naturally clears the airways bacteria build up

The all natural solution helps expel mucus from the bronchi, providing you with a sense of lasting relief.[¹⁷]

Power of Herbs [36]

Thyme and Primula works side by-side to alleviate the symptoms of cough in a safe, fast, and natural way. The combined effects of these 2 humble herbs means your cough is taken care of thanks to the antibacterial and antispasmodic properties harnessed.[17,36]

They work together to relax the airways, expel mucus build-up, and protect you against various microbes related to cough[17,36].

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The Natural* Cough Remedy [36]

Bronchicum® is a cough remedy that harnesses the natural healing power of Thyme and Primula to relax the airways, dilute phlegm build-up, and expel the mucus[8] in a safe and natural way.

These herbs are gentle on your body but tough on a persistent cough, which helps you recover to lead a natural* and healthy life. (*Natural Active Ingredients)


The natural* cough relief for those who believe in natural living. The safe and effective formula is ideal for adults and safe for toddlers and infants.


* Natural active ingredients


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