Primula Root Cough Syrup

Primula Root Extract is used as an expectorant for coughs associated with colds. It can increased production of airway secretions, making phlegm less thick and easier to expel.

  • Benefits of Primula Root

    Primula Root does wonders for cough and bronchitis-like symptoms. Thanks to its decongestive and mucus thinning properties it works well when treating whooping cough, acute breathing disorders, as well as bone, joint pain, stiffness and nerve pain[¹].

  • History of Primula Root

    The use of Primula Root (Cowslip) can be traced back to the 17th Century when it was believed that the use of distilled water from the plant would make you more beautiful.[34] But it caught the eye of the medical world when it was found to have expectorant properties, and from then on it was been widely used to help treat coughs.

How Primula Root treats a wet cough?

By increasing the secretion of bronchial mucus Primula Root is able to expel the thicker sticky mucus that irritates the membranes that make us cough[¹]. The addition of this bronchial recretion thins and breaks down the thicker mucus making it easier to expel when coughing[¹⁸].

How Primula Root prevents wet cough?

Primula Root has a number of uses, it can be used a soothing tea to ease discomfort from cough, a topical ointment or oil for skin problems and has been known to help when dealing with UTIs[³⁴].

Primula Root is a key ingredient of Bronchicum® helping you get relief from cough.

Backed by the power of Thyme & Primula Root, Bronchicum® gives you natural cough relief by relaxing bronchial spasms to ease your cough. Hence, it’s gentle, but tough on a persistent cough giving you peace of mind that you can keep living a natural* and healthy life.

*Natural Active Ingredient


The natural* cough relief for those who believe in natural living. The safe and effective formula is ideal for adults and safe for children.


*Natural Active Ingredients


Thyme is well-known for treating respiratory distress, the essence extracted from thyme leaves can help relieve coughing as well as short-term bronchitis[²]. Find out how Thyme can help your cough.