Bronchicum® reliefs cough with natural components.1

Relaxes cough spasms

Bronchicum® relaxes your bronchial muscles, thus relieving you from cough.1

Treats respiratory infections

Bronchicum® treats respiratory infections following exposure to cold.1

Expel mucus from the bronchi

Bronchicum® has expectorant effect that helps expel mucus from the bronchi, providing you with a cough relief.1

Bronchicum® reliefs cough with natural components.1

Thyme and Primula works side by side to alleviate the symptoms of cough in a natural way. The combined effects of these 2 herbs means your cough is taken care of thanks to the antibacterial and antispasmodic properties harnessed.1

They work together to relax the airways, expel mucus build-up, and protect you against various microbes related to cough.1

The 100% natural* cough remedy1

Bronchicum® is a cough remedy that harnesses the natural healing effect of Thyme and primula to relax the airways, dilute phlegm build-up, and expel the mucus in natural way.1


1. Egyptian drug authority Bronchicum syrup leaflet approval date 13/3/2022.


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