Thyme is an herb from the mint family that you probably recognize from your spice set. However, this has been used as a Medicinal herb for centuries.1

  • Benefits of Thyme

    With its antifungal and antispasmodic effects, this Herbal remedy fights agents that cause bronchitis and helps to subdue coughs.1

  • History of Thyme

    Thyme is a Mediterranean herb with dietary, medicinal, and ornamental uses. Thyme has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb to aid a host of different ailments. The flowers, leaves, extracts and oil of thyme have been used to treat a range of symptoms and complaints, many of which include diarrhea, stomach ache, arthritis, sore throat and cough. among many other reasons. 2

    People used thyme throughout history for embalming and to protect from the Black Death.3

How Thyme treats a wet cough?

The antispasmodic properties found in Thyme oil relaxes the bronchial muscles that are involved in making you cough thus providing you with a feeling of relief.1

How Thyme prevents cough?

Thyme has over 400 subspecies. This impressively versatile herb relaxes the bronchial muscles involved in coughing and even thins mucus.2

Thyme is a herb that directly attacks microbes and other bacterias, and fights off against bronchitis with its antispasmodic and antibacterial properties.4

The natural* cough remedy.5

Backed by the power of Thyme and primula in Bronchicum® syrup. Bronchicum gives you natural* cough relief by relaxing bronchial spasms to ease your cough.5

*Natural Active ingredient.5

Primula root

Primula Root is commonly used for the treatment of respiratory distress such as bronchitis and coughs, and has been widely used throughout medical history.



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