Fight & treat your cough naturally.

A cough is your body’s way of responding when something irritates your throat or airways.1

An occasional cough is normal and healthy. A cough that persists for several weeks or one that brings up discolored or bloody mucus may indicate a condition that needs medical attention.1

Know Your Cough

There are many different types of cough.2 Learn more about your cough and what it means.


Treating your cough

Save yourself a trip to the doctor with these natural home remedies for wet cough.3


Boost Your Immunity to Prevent Cough as Adults

A good home remedy is safe, cheap, and as helpful as OTC medicines. They are also found in nearly every home.4


Boost Your Child’s Immunity to Prevent Cough

Children are at risk of exposure to infection transmission when they are at school.5

Learn more about how you can teach them about cough prevention and help them to protect themselves.



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