How it works?2

Having Thyme as the key ingredient, "Bronchicum Lozenges" is gentle on your body yet tough on a persistent cough, giving you peace of mind that you can keep living a 100% natural* and healthy life.

It gives you 100% relief from a chesty cough by:

Soothing the airways

The antispasmodic properties found in Thyme oil relaxes the bronchial muscles that are involved in making you cough, thus providing you with a feeling of relief.²

*Natural Active Ingredients

Clearing the mucus

Thyme oil works as an expectorant medication that helps expel mucus from the lungs, providing you with a
sense of lasting relief.²

Why Bronchicum® Lozenges?48

The most convenient for cough symptoms.¹

Ideal for on-the-go
Palatable taste
Lactose-free, gluten-free
100% Natural active ingredient


6 years old and above
1-2 lozenges, several times a day

2-3 lozenges, several times a day, at regular intervals

Active Ingredients48

Bronchicum® Lozenges contains Thyme as an active ingredient to fight cough.


The power of Thyme liquid extract (0.325 gm/5ml) helps relax your bronchial muscles

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You may find the product leaflet inside the pack. Alternatively, you can download it from below.


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